Please follow the instructions when submitting your Abstract

Abstract Submission Instructions:
  1. You can select to submit an abstract one of three different formats:
    1. Workshops: 1 hour, interactive
    2. Oral Presentations: 10 minutes of presentation, 5 minutes Question and Answer
    3. Virtual Posters
  2. Select one theme for the abstract.
  3. Do not submit your abstract more than once in different categories.
  4. When submitting your abstract limit your abstract to no more than 250 words.
  5. Research abstracts typically have introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusion.
  6. For Workshops, describe your method of presentation.
  7. Do not submit PowerPoint, audiovisual or other files at this point in time. See details below for your presentation once accepted.
Important Dates:
Abstracts open:
September 15th 2022
Closing of Abstracts:
May 31th 2023
Notification of result of submission:
Conference Dates:
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Accepted file types: PDF, MS Word (doc, docx).